Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Destash Swap at Puffy Mondaes

We held our first de-stash swap hosted by Keren of Puffy Mondaes in Nampa. It was so much fun seeing everyone show up with bags of their creative "left-overs". The table was full in no time.

For those of you who didn't show up, well, here are a few things you missed out on:
-tons of wooden beads from a beaded curtain
-scrap book paper, LOTS of scrap book paper, very cool prints & colors!
-beads, assorted shapes, sizes & colors
-fabric, there was vintage fabric, quilting fabric, upholstery samples, TONS of fabric!
-polymer clay in assorted colors
-sewing machine parts (I think that's what they were)
-felt shapes
-soap molds
-and there was too much more for me to remember or list!

It was so much fun not only finding new treasures, but meeting some of our newer members too. Thank you to everyone who showed and thank you Keren for opening your space to us!

We'll be doing this again, so stay tuned for the next date & location!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Idaho Indie Works at Urban Shed

New Date! June 14th

Idaho Indie Works at Urban Shed

This will is an opportunity to browse unique & hip handcrafted items all in one location. In addition, there are several new an exciting shops and boutiques in Downtown Nampa. The Farmer's Market will also be open. Plan to spend a few hours!

June 14, 2008

Urban Shed
120 13th Ave S.
Nampa, Idaho 83651

To find Idaho Indie Works artists on Etsy, search "iiw team"

Friday, May 2, 2008

This weeks featured artist: Cathy Scarlett

Cathy Scarlett interviewed by Miss Courageous

MC: How long have you been painting? your history, education, etc...
CS: I've been painting and drawing for about 20 years. I don't remember exactly, seems like I've always painted. I started at the age of seven with pastels, I assume the painting began in Jr. High. I took some art classes at BSU but it didn't go anywhere. I tend to leave murals behind...my parent's basement, the sister-in-law's attic...

MC: are you a full-time artist? Other job? How do you balance family etc...
CS: I recently got laid off from my *awesome* tech support job, the severance package and unemployment insurance has allowed me a lot more time to work on my art. It gave me time to start my Etsy page and dedicate more time to paint, although most of it occurs on weekends and nap time. I have a 20 month old son and 13 year old daughter. My husband is super supportive and will take both our kids (or at least the boy) out for the day and give me time to work.

MC:What other forms of art do you do?
CS: Drawing mostly, which turn into paintings. I've started creating with screen printing and linocut. I used to make polymer clay beads. I've played wood burning, casting resin, wire jewelry, but keep coming back to painting.

MC: How did you hear about etsy?
CS: I found Etsy on a design blog.

MC: Favorite etsy shop or recent purchase?
CS: I have all kinds of favorite shops on Etsy, but if I have to narrow it down... louisartworld is pretty cool. I bought a couple of his ACEOs that I love. I recently purchased "Nice Smelling Beaver Stuffie" from prettygreeneye, check her out, she's hilarious.

MC: What have you learned from being on etsy?
CS: Patience.

MC: What would you like to get out of being on the street team?
CS: I joined the street team to meet other local artists and to get my name out there since I'm no marketing genius. We have some cool-ass artists here in Idaho and I'm diggin' it.

MC: Can you describe your workspace?
CS: I have taken over the dinning room, the storage closet under the stairs, half the master bedroom and usually half the kitchen. I like to spread out.

MC: Where do you get your inspiration?
CS: Where do I get my inspiration? I don't know. Nature is always good. Usually I just start drawing and see what happens. Oh, textured walls, ceilings, and floors are great inspiration, just stare long enough and you'll start seeing things.

MC: What goals or plans do you have for the future?
CS: I hope to sell enough to make some sort of business out of it, even if it only covers the cost of materials. I recently sold a logo design to a local business, so that's something.

MC: Where else can we find your work? (websites, blogs, brick & mortar?)
CS: I haven't another website other than Etsy, although I keep thinking about it. I've been featured on the design blog SimplyGrove.blogspot.com. I'll be at the Nampa Farmer's Market a couple times this summer and maybe the Music in the Mountains in August.

MC: Any plans for new products (t-shirts, cards, etc
CS: I've started adding some prints of my paintings to my site. I've also added some linocut greeting cards. I'm half thinking about doing a couple screen printed t's. I made a cool starry eyed skull t shirt the other day. I think my son could rock it, babies and skulls go together. I have a lot of drawings that would lend themselves to greeting cards as well.

MC: What other artists do you admire?
CS: Mark Ryden, SHAG, Keith Weesner, Chet Zar

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Upcoming Featured Artists

Hello everyone!
In the upcoming weeks we will be featuring several local Idaho artists. First will be Cathy Scarlett with CathyScarlett.etsy.com watch for her interview soon!

Future featured artists:

If you have a question for these artists please post a comment and we'll make sure they answer it!

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