Monday, March 1, 2010

P's to Success

I don’t know if you all subscribe to the Etsy E-mails, but last Thursday I received one that had a link to a Forum thread called “How the Four P’s Helped Me Hit 100 Sales”. Here is what the author, NaturalAmber, had to say:

I am so excited, I had this feeling after I left on Friday that on Monday I would hit my first major milestone, I just hit 100 sales and I have the four P's to thank for that.

Persistance: Even when sales were slow and I felt like giving up I kept pushing forward. determination is what kept me from closing shop on ETSY. I had this false expectation that just setting up shop would mean sales, now I have learned its determination, promoting, and marketing that gets customers to your shop.

Patience: I had to learn that patience was key to success. It's so easy to get caught up and compare yourself to many other shops on here. Once I learned to be patient I started to not get so down on lack of sales or views during slower times.

Perfection: There is no such thing and ytour shop always has room for improvement. These weekend I will be working on my new spring line, and the pictures are better then the ones I have in the shop... but I always know that you can improve on that. Never fear setting up construction in your shop.

Projects: Keep on crafting. Thats what brought you here. You'll find yourself more happy that your continuing your art, and you'll find customers love the freshness of new items in your shop!

Thank you guys for all your support! This has been a fun and exciting ride to my first 100.


Posted at 11:16 am, February 22 2010 EST

I would like to add my own P's to this list.

PRIDE: Have pride in what you do. If you aren’t doing the best that you can do, then don’t do it. Anybody can be mediocre, but very few people can rise above that. Be proud of yourself and what you accomplish.

PLEASURE: I think for most of us, we create for the pure pleasure of it. It’s not that we expect to get rich and famous from what we do. We do it to feel the highs of making something new, of trying new techniques and mediums, to push the limits of our creative mind. If what you do doesn’t make you happy, then it’s time to rethink your motivations.

That’s how the 6 P’s can help you achieve, 25, 100, 500 sales. The sky’s the limit.

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