Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nampa Farmer's Market

The first time I met with the farmer's market board - they had one question for me: "Why is your name Revive?" - I answered, "Well, I think it's time for our community to be revived, and revitalized - it's time to make something old (Nampa) into something new." That response was mostly met with some quizzical looks and a grunt or two. This year they were ready for something new - so, I think that means things ARE changing.

What's that "something new"? It's our Idaho Indie Works booth. It incorporates a new artist or two each week, a variety of products from soap to jewelry to quilts. What's the common bond? Etsy.com - we all sell our items online. And now with our newly formed alliance of members, we're able to make connections and organize our small businesses into a large family of crafters - able to create unique face-to-face selling opportunities that promote us all.

When we artists spend countless hours creating our pieces, we understand the value of "handmade" and "local". Now, it's time to spread the word. Start a revolution in your community of friends, family and customers. Is there a better place to spend your hard-earned cash, than your local farmer's market?

Nampa Farmer's Market is very low-key, laid-back and down-home market. With everything from fresh baked bread to handmade doll clothes. Each week there is a local chef, using local ingredients, creating a dish for you to sample. There are sock monkeys and homemade jams, local honey and baby slings, pottery and cloth diapers. It is a small market, but very diverse and Idaho Indie Works brings even more variety to the table.

Here is a schedule of featured artists through the end of August. Invite your friends, family and direct potential customers to come see us at the market. Each artist will be promoting the Idaho Indie Works group, and Etsy has promised us promotional materials so we can introduce more and more customers to the beauty of etsy.com. It's going to be a great summer and a great opportunity to see something different every week at the market. See you there!

P.s. Photos coming soon of our team members at the market! With our nifty banner!


Miss Courageous said...

I'm a bit concerned about the combo of artists on june 28 & aug 30. those three are trouble together if you ask me! LOL

Scarlett said...

nampa won't know what hit them

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