Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hill's and AIDA

Hill's Gift's (on the corner of Broadway and Beacon) has teamed up with local artists and the Animals in Distress Association to raise money for our local bird and mammal rehab centre. The sale started yesterday and will run through next Saturday, May 9th. This week is Be Kind to Animals Week so the timing couldn't be better. Some of the artist's displaying their items are from our own Idaho Indie Works. There is a wide variety of items from jewelry and handmade soap to dog coats. The owners of Hill's have kindly let artists occupy a large area of the store right next to the post office. Five percent of artists' sales will go directly to Animals in Distress with Hill's Gifts making a matching donation.

So come on down and show your support, even if it's just to say hi to the artist volunteers who are running the area and check out this really fun and unique gift shop.

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