Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dream is Alive

Just in case there is anyone who hasn't heard yet, Idaho Indie Works is opening up a boutique. That's right! This great group of talent is going to be selling its wares to the public in its own store. For many people, having their own store is nothing more than a dream, but for the lucky few, it can be a reality. I, personally, am so excited to have a shop and am happy to be sharing it with an awesome group of people.

The boutique will be located in a corner of the Pioneer Tent Building (6th & Main, downtown Boise), a place where we have been making a name for ourselves through First Thursday. It seemed the most natural place for the shop to be and good fortune that we were able to get in there.

As we speak, people are down there painting and getting the store ready. It is set to open March 1st, with a grand opening for April's First Thursday. Stay tuned for more details.

Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it.
~Author Unknown

Written by Robyn (Polka Dot Dreams/Girl A GoGo Designs)


Rachel L. said...

I am so excited! Like Robyn said, this is a dream come true!

Crissie said...

Yippy skippy!!!!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh my goodness, how super exciting!! i can't wait to check it out!

Julie Fanselow said...

I got this news JUST in time to include it in the new edition of my book Idaho Off the Beaten Path, coming out this June. w00t!! So excited for you.

Robyn said...

Julie - Thank you so much for including us in your book. That is VERY exciting! You'll have to come check our new digs on First Thursday.

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