Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Give-Away

It's a new month and that means it's time for another give away. This month's featured artist is Cher from Cher Wisdom Freer. Keep reading to find out how you can get the chance to win this:

Artist Bio: I am a native Idahoan who's work requires me to travel to all kinds of interesting locations. One day (4 years ago) I wandered into a bead shop on the banks of a gorgeous canal in Pittsford, New York and that was the beginning of my beading/jewelry obsession. From that day on I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to hunt for unique items in all the charming cities I visit. I just think it's so cool to take a piece of stone or glass and incorporate it into something that expresses one's personality. And I'm easily distracted by shiny objects!

Why I'm a member of IIW: I stumbled across the Idaho Indie Works team at the Hyde Park Street Fair last year and was absolutely amazed to discover that such a talented group of local artists, selling their goods on Etsy, even existed. I was even more honored that they would allow me to join their amazing team. I am new to selling at craft shows and this group is so supportive and full of creative ideas. I'm in awe every time I am around these folks.

About the piece: Abalone Sterling Silver wrapped ring size 7. A green abalone stone is surrounded by purple and green Swarovski crystals wrapped with Sterling Silver wire.

The Rules of the Give-Away:

1. Please visit Cher Wisdom Freer's Etsy shop and have a look around then leave us a comment on which of Cher's items you like the best and why. Please make sure to include your E-mail or Etsy shop name so we know how to get in touch with you.

2. The give-away will end May 24th and the winner announced shortly after.

3. Only one entry per person, please.


Dragonfly Stitches said...

Wow Cher. I haven't met you yet but your work is great! It's so unique and beautiful. If I had to choose just one piece I'm not sure I could so I will say, I love the concept and the look of your purple abalone and the turquoise temptation bracelets just to start. I'm so happy you are part of our team.

TLC Inspirations said...

Butterfly Bliss Black Pearl earrings :)

MsJack said...

Spring Green Peridot Perfection Three Strand Bracelet! Perfect, delicious candy jewelry love.

slyraccoon said...

I love the Coral and Turquoise Fiesta Bracelet!

Anonymous said...

I like all of her things, but I think I like the Blushing Pearls Two Strand Bracelet best, because it would pretty much go with anything.

tallulah said...

The Green with Envy 3 Strand Bracelet is amazing! I love the pink pearls combined with the green glass. Classy and stunning!

The Prickly Pinecone said...

I adore the Blushing Pearls Earrings! Amazing items, it was hard to pick.


Rachel L. said...

Cher, welcome to the team! I've enjoyed seeing you at the last few First Thursday events, and I think your work is beautiful!

My current fave in your etsy shop is the Parfait Pleasure 3 strand bracelet. Something about the combo of purple, green, pearl, and silver really tickles my fancy. And the featured ring is gorgeous! *crossing my fingers, hoping to win*

Vi said...

Fantastic work, Cher. I like the Prety in Pink Vintage Glass & Pink Pearl Braclet. The clasp is very stylish, the beads compliment each other and it goes with lots of things. Everything you make is top quality and the prices are affordable. Keep up the good work!

Flexi_Girl said...

Cher, your creativity, as always, amazes me! My favorites are the Kaleidoscope earrings and the Spring Green Peridot Perfection Three Strand Bracelet. That ring is very beautiful as well.

jan ~ tomatobaby said...

welcome to the world of indie!

your creations are wonderful / simple / creative ... keep designing
and look for inspiration all
around you!

because "simple" is my motto ...
i'll pick "simplicity in lime
green shell necklace." {{also
LOVE the color green!}} so that
necklace had really two things
goin' for it.

i look forward to seeing more
wonderful things from you ... and
we're moving to Boise this summer
so i'll be able to visit all of
you real soon! ~j.

hollie said...

My favorite is the Kaleidoscope Earrings because they are colorful and not too small/not too big. That style would be awesome in a necklace or bracelet too.

Awesome work as always!!!

<3 sis

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