Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Give Away

It's another month and that means that it's time for another give away. This month's featured artist is Reni from Knit Girl in Idaho and this is what one lucky winner will receive:

Your choice of personalized

stitch markers or wine charms

About the artist:

Hi, my name is Reni LeBard and I have an Etsy shop called Knit Girl in Idaho. I have been married for 23 years and my husband and I have two teenage boys, ages 17 and 13. Our family moved to Idaho from Seattle five years ago this month, but having been born and raised in Alaska, Idaho is much more like home to me than Washington ever was!

I learned how to knit when I was a little girl, but didn't pick up the craft again until my kids were in school. I started out knitting only garter stitch scarves and other novice patterns, however, it didn't take long until I was bored with those projects. Now my all-time favorite project to knit is socks. They are portable, challenging and you can make a pair of socks with one skein of yarn. There are so many free patterns available that I don't think I can ever tire of knitting socks.

In October 2009, I started Knit Girl in Idaho out of necessity because I wanted to make and use my own stitch markers when knitting my socks. Stitch markers are used while knitting socks, mittens, hats, shawls or other patterns that require you to keep track of your stitches. Some people use scraps of yarn, but stitch markers are a fun way to adorn any knitting project, but also make great gifts! I belong to an online knitting and crochet social network, called Ravelry and the gals on Ravelry saw my stitch markers and started requesting sets for themselves! After a few short weeks, these same women encouraged me to open an Etsy shop, which I did. It wasn't long before my non-knitting family and friends wanted to support me, which is why I also sell wine charms in my shop!

Knit Girl in Idaho is where you can find unique, handmade stitch markers and wine charms! My one-of-a-kind, keepsake items are created using virtually any picture, personal design, personal logo, and even some short sayings. My wine charms make the perfect keepsake wedding favor or a treasured gift for the bride and groom, as well as an inexpensive hostess gift for bbq's, showers and cocktail parties! All of my items are sold in sets of 2, 4 or 6, plus I have wholesale & bulk pricing available.

Why are you a member of IIW?

One of my first goals when I opened my Etsy shop was to connect with other creative people in my community, so I joined the Idaho Indie Works team! It's wonderful to have a group of experienced, local Etsy sellers to chat with and glean invaluable insight from, but I'm more interested in cultivating new friendships with the men and women who are members of the IIW team.

About the prize:

For this blog give away, I am donating a set of 6 Personalized Wine Charms or 6 Personalized Stitch Markers, winners choice!

Here are a few simple rules for entering the give away:

1. Please visit Knit Girl in Idaho's Etsy shop and have a look around then leave us a comment on which of Reni's items you like the best and why. Please make sure to include your E-mail or Etsy shop name so we know how to get in touch with you.

2. The give-away will end July 17th and the winner announced shortly after.

3. Only one entry per person, please.


Susan said...

I love them all but my favorite are the personalized stitch markers because I don't know anyone else that would want a picture of themself with Bret Michaels on it but me!

Contact glitterglamgirl at gmail dot com

Little Phoenix said...

I love the personalised stitch markers! I love that when I am knitting, I can have a constant photo of Mr Darcy brooding at me :)

ashpags said...

My current favorites are the Stitch n Pitch Baseball Stitch Markers, although I really like the Don't Be Blue Stitch Markers a lot, too!

Contact: ashpags06 AT gmail DOT com

JazzRizz said...

I've been a fan since the beginning :)

I love the personalized stitch markers the best!

tallulah said...

How cool are these?

I don't knit but I drink my fair share of wine. Those personalized wine charms are a hoot! Great idea.

Kelly said...

I love the personalized stitch markers best (where else am I going to find Green Day stitch markers!?!) but I also love the Don't Be Blue beaded markers.
Email is
Etsy ID is ykelly1

PepperberryKnits said...

Nice work Reni. I am glad you moved to Idaho. I like that you have stitch markers with pics of you and your boys. Mom's of boys rule!
Pepperberry Knits

Wicked said...

My favorite ones are... all of them!

But in all seriousness... I do rather love the vampire related ones.

And all the future club ones Reni is going to do for my little Asylum

Contact BewitchedWicked at gmail dot com

VeganCraftastic said...

I love her personalized stitch markers, they're so unique!

-craftytofu at yahoo

Amy said...

All of your stitch markers and wine charms are beautiful!! I always like to drool when I see new ones posted. ;-)

My favorites are a tie between the cowgirl stitch markers and the personalized ones.

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